Tax Season is Here

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

While the New Year creates opportunities to start new resolutions, marketing plans and budgets, it also marks the start of tax season. For business owners, accountants and tax preparers, that also means more paperwork and printing. 

“Businesses are facing a huge increase in printing during this time of the year, so it’s a great time to examine your home and office printing costs,” says Tom McLaughlin, Marketing Director for Cartridge World North America. “Companies can easily reduce their printing cost by up to 30 percent – by simply choosing the right printers, printing modes and printer cartridges.” 

Cartridge World, the leading ink and toner retailer and franchisor, suggests the following tips to help cut costs on printing:

  1. Use Draft Print Mode – Many print applications have a “draft print” mode that uses less ink to print documents. The text will look more gray than black, so use the feature on documents that will only be used internally.
  2. Use the Right Printer – Match your office printing needs with the right machine. Color inkjet printers are not designed for printing hundreds of black-and-white pages. For high-volume tax preparation-type printing, use a mono laser printer and high-yield toner cartridges to double your printing output at almost half the price. 
  3. Buy Remanufactured Cartridges – Save up to 30 percent on your printing by buying high-performance ink and toner from Cartridge World – instead of full-priced cartridges from office supply stores. The products are 100 percent guaranteed and eco friendly. To calculate how much money you can save, visit your local Cartridge World store or
  4. Use Print Preview – Use the “print preview” function that displays how pages will appear before they are printed. This feature can help you resolve formatting issues before you print.
  5. Use Duplex Printers – By using duplex printing, which prints on two sides of a sheet of paper, you can cut your printing job in half.

    Businesses can save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year if they buy the right printers and printing supplies. “Your local Cartridge World store is an office printing expert. Count on them to answer printing questions that the big boxes don’t know and that the manufacturers don’t want you to know,” added McLaughlin.

To learn how much your business can save on office printing costs, visit your local store or Cartridge World’s online savings calculator. Businesses can also request a quote online.