It's Time to Upgrade Your Printer this School Year

Friday August 10, 2018


Each school year, there are new printer upgrades that can drive down operating costs while maximizing efficiency. A printer goes through wear and tear of a year’s worth of homework assignments and potentially personal use too.

Evaluating your printer at the beginning of the school year gives time to research and find a replacement without slowing down your printing. If you need a printer this back to school season, consider the following:

Check for Warning Signs

Printers often show some common warning signs before printing their last page. If you feel your current printer is underperforming, it could be a signal of the beginning of the end.

Poor quality prints that include streaks, faded ink or blurry images could be from a dirty print head. Check the head and clean if necessary.  A slow printer could be caused by a blockage or jam. Check internal parts to make sure everything is moving correctly. If all pieces seem operational, the issue may be more significant and may call for a new printer.

Older equipment often calls for expensive supplies, like cartridges and repair parts. With new printers on the market, it’s often more expensive to maintain an outdated one than to pay for a new printer. If you’re overpaying for printer cartridges it’s time for an upgrade. While this does call for a higher cost upfront, it can save you money, time and hassle in the long run.

Choosing the Right Replacement

When it’s time for a new printer there are two common options, inkjet or laser printers. While both are great options, each performs certain jobs best, so it’s important to choose the right one for your print jobs.

Laser printers may cost more upfront but are well equipped to print higher volumes in black and white and color. An inkjet printer is better equipped for photos. Keep in mind your budget, what you’ll print and your requirement for speed and print quality. These will help you choose the right printer for your school year.

This school year, start off on the right foot with the right tools and equipment for the year ahead.


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