Let Cartridge World Do All The Work

Wednesday December 28, 2016

No matter what industry you work in – healthcare, real estate, legal services, business financing – when you are a decision maker, your days are packed with tough decisions that directly impact the future of your business. Market strategy, payroll, R&D, customer relations – your list of issues and concerns can be long and often doesn’t leave much time for things like office management and printing supplies.

That’s why smart companies – like Cartridge Word – are offering businesses of all sizes more automated options for the New Year! When you replenish your printing supplies on a schedule, you get a never-ending source of high-quality materials and services that not only safeguard your productivity, but increase it to save you more in the long run!

How Cartridge World Can Help

  • Free Print Assessment: It all starts with your no-cost print assessment! Cartridge World’s team of trained experts will review the size of your staff, your facilities, and your printing needs to give you direct, honest feedback about supply levels, and a helpful list of printing solutions to meet your unique requirements.
  • Cartridge World Print Manager: Once you’re on board with us, Cartridge World takes the pressure off by handling all the details for you, so you can attend to more important things like growing your business. We automatically get alerts when your supplies start to run low, and we take action to ensure you never run out of ink or toner, or need to order printer cartridges again. You will also no longer need to keep large amounts of stock, or try and guess when you might run out of ink or toner, or take the time to search online for replacing your empty printer cartridges. Those tasks fall directly to us for fast and easy fulfillment!
  • Automated Cartridge Supply: Part of that plan includes automatic cartridge replacement. We deliver new printing cartridges to you before you ever run out, and we detect and solve any issues or defects in your printers, as well, to give you uninterrupted business printing you can count on. 
  • Easy Online Ordering: If you ever want to make changes to your plan, Cartridge World makes ordering online as simple as the click of your mouse! With Cartridge World's EasyOrder program, your equipment and preferences are stored in our easy-to-use online system and you’re the admin in control. 
  • Local Retail Stores: If you’re like us, and person-to-person interaction is ideal in the new world of technology, then you have your pick of over 1000 stores, worldwide! Unlike other printing supply providers or big box stores, our experts are continuously trained to give you one thing: the best customized printing advice in the industry to suit your specific needs.

Let’s Talk Savings:

At this point, you might be saying: “Impressive. But you said it could save me thousands! How’s that?” Simple. By getting automated printing supply services from Cartridge World, you’ll be eliminating your overstock costs. You’ll also keep your employees focused on their tasks, instead of shopping around for cartridges and printing supplies. Your printer uptime improves, your efficiency goes up, and with Cartridge World, you’ll see your print spend drop within the first year. Plus, our supplies are 30% lower than the big box stores!

Find your local store and start saving money today!