Original Panasonic Toner Cartridges

Panasonic brings your ideas to life and we make them affordable.

If you’ve got a Panasonic monochrome, single or multifunction printer, chances are you rely on it to produce one high-quality printout after another. To keep that quality and performance coming, choose from the wide variety of genuine Panasonic printer cartridges available in Cartridge World stores or online.

We’re your source for affordable multipacks for multiple ink cartridge units to high-capacity toner cartridges and dual packs. Each is designed to save time and money by replacing toner cartridges less often!

To see just how affordable Cartridge World pricing is, here are some of our more popular Panasonic toner cartridges.

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DQTU10C Black DQTU10J Black DQTU15E Black DQTU18B Black
DQTU24D Black DQTU33G Black DQTU35D Black DQTU38G Black
DQTU38R Black DQTUA04C Cyan DQTUA04M Magenta DQTUA04Y Yellow
DQTUN28K Black DQTUS28K Black DQTUT20K Black DQTUV20C Cyan
DQTUV20M Magenta DQTUV20Y Yellow DQTUV28K Black DQTUW28K Black
DQTX281 Black DQUG15A Black DQUR26K Black DQUG27H Black
DQUH35H Drum Unit DQUR1C Cyan DQUR1K Black DQUR1M Magenta
DQUR1Y Yellow DQUR26C Cyan DQUR26M Magenta DQUR26Y Yellow
DQUR3C Cyan HY DQUR3K Black HY DQUR3M Magenta HY DQUR3Y Yellow HY
FQTF15 Black KXA145A Drum Unit KXCLPK1 Black KXCLTC1 Cyan
KXCLTC3 Cyan KXCLTK1 Black KXCLTK3 Black KXCLTM1 Magenta
KXCLTM3 Magenta KXCLTY1 Yellow KXCLTY3 Yellow KXFA132 Black Thermal Roll
KXFA133 Black Thermal Roll KXFA135 Black Thermal Roll KXFA136 Black Thermal Roll KXFA150 Black
KXFA53 Black Thermal Roll KXFA55 Black Thermal Roll KXFA65 Black Thermal Roll KXFA75 Black
KXFA76 Black KXFA77D Drum Unit KXFA83 Black KXFA84 Drum Unit
KXFA85 Black KXFA87 Black KXFA91 Black Thermal Roll KXFA92 Black Thermal Roll
KXFA93 Black Thermal Roll KXFA94 Black Thermal Roll KXFAD462 Drum Unit KXFAD93 Drum Unit
KXFADK511 Black Drum Unit KXFAT451 Black KXFAT461 Black KXFAT92 Black
KXFATC501 Cyan KXFATC506 Cyan HY KXFATK504 Black KXFATM502 Magenta
KXFATM507 Magenta HY KXFATY503 Yellow KXFATY508 Yellow HY KXFATYK509 Black
KXP115 Black Ribbon KXP145 Black Ribbon KXP150 Black Ribbon KXP155 Black Ribbon
KXP160 Black Ribbon KXP170 Black Ribbon KXP180 Black KXP450 Black Toner
KXP451 Black KXPDPK3 Black UG3220 Drum Unit UG3221 Black
UG3350 Black UG5510 Black UG5515 Black UG5520 Black
UG5540 Black UG5550 Black
UG5570 Black
UG5580 Black

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