Preparing for Your Promotion: A Checklist

Thursday May 19, 2016

Today is the day. You have the training. You have the experience. You’ve earned your shot at the next rung on the corporate ladder, and you’re going to take it. Are you ready?

You can be. All you need to do is prepare your personal checklist, demonstrate your abilities through example, and SHOW (not tell) your superiors why you fit the mold.

Let’s take a look at just how you go about doing this to get exactly what you want:

  1. Application through Proper Channels: How do you know this position is available? Have you spoken to HR? To your direct manager? Are they hiring internally? Is there an application process and have you followed it? If you said, “yes” then you are prepared and are heading in the right direction.
  2. The Right Fit: Have you seen the qualifications for this new position? Do you fit them? Do you have the modern and updated skills and certifications to make a real difference? What are they? Write them down and make sure they match up and more.
  3. Solid Examples: Don’t just SAY you can. SHOW you can. Have dated examples of times when you demonstrated leadership skills and the right problem solving techniques for your new position. They will be the best testament to your acumen (complete with numbers and concrete results) and highlight why you are the right person for the job.
  4. Ideas for the Future: How will you make things better? Yes, you’re the right employee for the job right now, but what ideas are you bringing, long term? What are some of the inefficiencies and challenges you want to correct, overcome, and improve? Observe. Think. Plan. Execute.
  5. Be Bold: This is no time to be shy. Self-confidence can sometimes be the deciding factor. Be concise. Keep it simple. Be direct. “I am the best candidate. I am better than the rest, and here is why…” Sell the idea of you and let the others worry about modesty. You’re selling the blinding awesomeness that is you. Let it shine.
  6. Have Questions: As much as you are trying to impress, the company is trying to entice you as well. You’re an intelligent, tenured member of your staff looking to do more. You could be doing this work anywhere. Ask what benefits and responsibilities come with the job. Learn if it provides the work/life balance, compensation, and challenging stimulation you want. After all, if chosen, your company is making a large investment in you. Can you afford not to invest in yourself?