Simple Printing Mistakes to Avoid

Tuesday September 1, 2015

People, businesses, homes and schools print on a daily basis. But not everyone knows that there are many printing mistakes that everyone should try to avoid! The local printing experts at Cartridge World strive to help you save time, save money and print great. Here is a list of simple things you can avoid to save time and money while printing.

  1. Unnecessarily Printing in ColorMany people forget to check their printer settings before they send something to the printer, which can be a costly mistake.  Printing in color when you don’t need to wastes ink and costs additional money per page, which can eventually add up. Be sure to check your printer setting every time before you print and only print in color when you absolutely have to.
  2. Printing Single Sided: Another mistake that people sometimes make is printing single sided. Before you send your document to the printer make sure you click double sided if possible so you save paper. Not only will you save money by printing double sided, you will also be helping the environment by using less paper.
  3. Printing High or Low Quality Images: When printing images, you have to be conscious of the image quality. On one hand, if the image quality is higher than necessary you can be wasting a lot of ink and toner. On the other hand, if the image quality is too low when printed, it will look terrible and you will end up having to reprint it, which wastes more ink, toner and paper.  The key is to print the correct size and quality for your needs. *150 pixels per inch or more is preferred for printing good quality images.
  4. Too Big Font Size: Using a font size that is too big uses more ink and extra pages, which in turn costs you more money. Typically, an ideal font size for headlines is 14 pt. and 11 pt. for body copy. You want to make sure it is easy for people to read but not so big that it wastes space and ink.
  5. Adding Too Many Spaces: Another way people can be wasting money on printing is if they have too many spaces, making them print more pages. Single-spacing your documents can allow you to add way more content on to one page, which will save you money. People can also check their margins before they print to make sure they are getting the most content possible to fit on their page.

Avoiding these simple printing mistakes can help you save money everyday! Cartridge World is here to give you expert advice on all your printing needs… talk to us!