Printing Your Breathtaking Fall Photos 

Tuesday October 6, 2015

Fall is a magical time all across the nation, but nowhere is it more pronounced or more vibrant than the cooler climates of New England. Rich reds, golden yellows, fiery oranges, deep browns – all the amazing colors that we associate with the fall season blend together in a sea of incredible brightness throughout the Northeast; drawing visitors from across the country, and across the world.

If you are one of the millions of “leaf peepers” who make your pilgrimage every year to take in the fantastic scenery of fall, chances are you have snapped more than a few photos that will most assuredly end up as a wall paper on your computer screen.

But ask yourself, “Is electronic storage the best way to capture these unforgettable moments?” Surely, the sharing via email, text, and social media makes it worth your while, but why not create a truly lasting impression by printing your photos, have some fun, and craft a scrapbook you and your loved ones can really enjoy together?!

What You Should Be Looking For: Should you decide to indulge and print your fabulous fall photos, and you want to do it at home, you are going to need the right printer. To find it, you’re going to have to know what to look for. These elements can help you make the right choice:  

Quality: The quality of your photos is paramount, no matter which printer you choose. Richness and fidelity are the main goals of any snapshot, so it’s always a better idea to get a printer that has multiple cartridges. Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta – the combination of all of these colors is going to give your photo the breathtaking look you want, each and every time. Also, consider how water resistant the printer’s output actually is to ensure that the colors don’t run or smudge.

Connectivity: Connectivity is also an essential printing element in today’s modern age. Your printer should be compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices and tablets, Apple AirPrint and other cloud-based technologies, Google’s Chrome Network, and Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the globe to ensure the best storage and printing capabilities. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a USB port, standard, on your machine to create the ultimate experience in ease and convenience.

Speed: The average time of a printed photo comes down to about 2 minutes (4x6). Anything longer than that, and the photo will have to be of truly exceptional quality to make you wait so long to see your work come to life. Try and search for the one that delivers a beautiful photo as quickly as possible without sacrificing looks.  

Remember, the choice of the perfect printer is always up to YOU, whether you are a true working professional, or simply an avid amateur, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

Let the local printing experts at Cartridge World help you find the printer that is perfect for your unique needs! Our experts are familiar with all the name-brand printer makes and models, as well as their cartridge types, ink and toner requirements, and more. We’ll point you in the right direction for home or business printer.

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