Setting New Standards for Quality Assurance Procedures

Tuesday November 14, 2016

As the leading ink and toner franchise retailer in the $87 billion printer cartridge industry, Cartridge World is proud to announce elevated quality standards beyond the industry norm, enhancing our product offerings to customers and business owners as a direct result of the recent opening and major investment in our Cartridge World-Global Procurement Centre (CW-GPC) in China at the start of 2016.

Our CW-GPC is located in the global epicenter for remanufactured imaging products, Zhuhai, China. The CW-GPC controls quality to the highest standards, logistics for global distribution, technology innovation, intellectual property rights, and manufacturing partner relationships that match quality and price that our millions of customers need.

Cartridge World is dedicated to continuous improvement in everything we do, including our ink and toner cartridges, printers, printing supplies and printer maintenance. The GPC helps ensure the quality of affordable printer cartridges through a combination of new systems for quality control, as well as a new franchising business model. Remaining dedicated to our commitment of world-class quality assurance, Cartridge World is also proud to empower franchisees to offer customers superior quality products—which enables them to transfer cost savings to their clientele and remain competitive in their local markets.

Triple-Check System

The CW-GPC is setting new industry standards for world-class quality assurance procedures for printer cartridges with a team of quality assurance specialists sourcing advancements and product testing through a three-stage quality control process, assessing both the quality of the cartridges and the packaging in which they come.

The triple-check system provides customers with the ability to purchase superior products at an affordable price with confidence. One franchisee noted the superior quality of packaging and labeling as the best he has seen on any third party cartridge.

New Franchising Business Model

Our new franchising model focuses on selling high-efficiency printers using high-yield printer cartridges and providing bundled printing services—creating printing solutions for business customers. The increased range of products available, along with the high level of quality across inks and lasers, will ensure customers will be consistently pleased with the results they expect and demand. Franchisees who have adopted this new model through their relationships with long-term business customers have reported benefitting from larger volume sales and ROI.

Cartridge World retail locations offer customers a tremendous cost-saving alternative to printing, providing a 30-percent discount over full-priced OEM cartridges and a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

In addition to providing customers and business owners with the highest-quality, affordable products and services from a printing supply expert, Cartridge World has continued to innovate and develop new service offerings.

We have recently partnered with global technology leader Samsung to create a mobile app that allows remote workers and on-the-go workers to print from Wi-Fi-enabled printers. PrintWorld™ is new and innovative solution that meets an existing demand from customers who want the convenience of printing and scanning from their mobile devices while traveling. With 96 Million mobile workers on the go in the U.S. alone, PrintWorld is the answer to providing the same convenience we all need—like an ATM when we need cash while on the move.

Have you ever needed to make hardcopies or scan a document while sipping your coffee at Starbucks using the free Wi-Fi? Or have you needed to print the fine-tuned version of a major presentation at the airport before meeting your client? There are millions of reasons why you need to print away from the office—Cartridge World has you covered.