Staples Merger is Good New for Cartridge World

Wednesday, Febuary 11th, 2015

For Cartridge World, the recent news of the superstore merger between Staples and Office Depot couldn’t have come at a better time. Last year, the network of 1,200 stores expanded its B2B printing solutions to become the only international franchise to provide printers, printer supplies and full-service support to small- to medium-sized business owners.

Cartridge World’s move to offer comprehensive printing products and services to business customers fills a need that big box and office supply stores are not meeting. Franchisees in the Cartridge World system who adopted the new model last year are benefitting from larger volume sales through stronger relationships with their business customers.

Now, the Staples merger creates an even larger opportunity for Cartridge World’s network of 500 stores in North America to serve the business sector.

“The merger effectively makes Cartridge World the only brick and mortar printing retailer to help customers choose and install high-performance printers, cartridges, services and supplies,” said William Swanson, CEO of Cartridge World North America. “While superstores sell a wide range of office supplies, our franchisees provide printing expertise that best serves customers – not the retailers. The big box stores are simply not equipped to provide the unbiased consulting and custom printing solutions that we do.”

Swanson said that with more than 23 million small- to medium-sized businesses in the United States printing hundreds to thousands of documents daily, the market for providing printing solutions is enormous.

Responding to the demand, Cartridge World developed a customer-centric printing program to meet business needs and provide a one-stop-shop helping customers choose and install high-performance printers, cartridges, services and supplies. Solutions include:

  • Free online ordering tools and apps to monitor printer performance and cartridge use
  • Special corporate pricing, recycling services, and printer programs for businesses
  • Fixed monthly-fee printer fleet programs
  • Trained service engineers who are on call for printer maintenance and repair

“If a business owner wants to buy, lease, repair or recycle a printer, the superstores offer a limited number of solutions,” Swanson said. “Their employees are not specially trained to understand printer/printer supplies space or business customer needs. Cartridge World franchisees will customize cost-saving printing solutions with the right equipment, supplies and service. We expect as many as 1,000 Staples stores to close as a result of the merger. We are primed and ready to serve business owners in the wake.”