Sticking with Your Brand: 7 Questions You Should Always Ask

Thursday July 7, 2016

A new product has come along that you want, but isn't the typical brand that you buy. Should you break up with your brand? 


It’s time for a true gut check moment here about your consumer relationship with your brand. It’s time to take some space, unplug your phone, and ask yourself some hard-hitting questions:

  1. Does your brand truly fulfill your needs and wishes? Brands that have strategic-minded leaders already know what your needs are before you ask and position their products, in advance, where you are the most to ensure that they are there to solve your problems.
  2. Is your brand irresistible? Your brand should always offer you something you can’t live without, often physically (see clothes, toothpaste, etc). The content they hit you with is simply amazing, and consistent! Their products are even better. You know in your mind it may be good with this new brand, but nothing beats the experience your brand delivers.
  3. Does your brand have great ideas? Great brands put their ideas before anything else – financial success, marketing, all of it. They have great ideas right from the gate and then develop them to show that they are truly innovative.
  4. Is your brand listening to you? The brands give their customers an easy way to give their honest feedback, and they act on that information to improve. Your brand earns your loyalty by distinguishing you as someone they will interact with and reply to because you always use their products.  
  5. Do you know where you stand with your brand? Setting expectations with customers is key because it is honest and transparent. Your chosen brand doesn’t just sell you because they can. They sell you because you know they can do what you need them to and don’t lie about what they can’t.
  6. Are you being rewarded for your loyalty? You are a steadfast customer with your brand, and they give back to you for that. Exclusive sales, promotions, great swag – you come for the products, you stay for the appreciation.
  7. Does everything feel right? Your brand makes you feel safe. The price is right. The value is spot on. Every experience with your brand is exciting, interesting, convenient, and inspires you to purchase from them, over and over.

If you answered “yes” to a majority of these questions, then it might be time to recognize the hustle, heart, and hard work your brand has put in to keep you happy, and stick with your brand to the end.

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