Supplies You Need for Your Office’s Post Summer Swing 

Thursday September 29, 2016

Sadly, for most of us, the sunny days have come to end. But as temperatures around the country drop, the volume of business begins to rise again after the slight summer slump. Business owners and consumers alike are back from vacation and travel, and ready to open their wallets and turn the wheels of commerce once again!

As a business owner that means that your operations will be in full swing once more. That also means that purchasing office supplies will be a must. If you’re not careful (and smart), you could be among the millions of managers who spend anywhere from $200-$1000 per year per employee on office supplies alone; leaving your budget stretched a bit thin.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can be special. You can avoid being one of the nameless masses shelling out big bucks on office supplies. All you have to do is contact Cartridge World!

Business Customers who shop with Cartridge World save an average of 20%-30% annually on everything their office needs, never have to sacrifice quality, and increase their productivity and waste reduction, year over year.

  • Ink & Toner Printing Cartridges: As the global leader in consistent, high-quality ink and toner printing cartridges, Cartridge World guarantees a defect-free experience and significant cost savings. Our refurbished cartridges are compatible with every major brand of printer on the market, and we have over 20 years of experience to recommend the right ones!

Couple that with our Automated Ink & Toner Monitoring, No Cost Printer Program, easy online ordering, and Managed Print Service Supplies (MPS), you’ll already be saving just by signing up!

  • Printers: Looking for advice on the best inkjet/laser/3D printer to buy? Cartridge World is here for you! We work with almost every manufacturer in the industry (HP, Canon, Lexmark, and more), so our recommendations are completely unbiased. And aside from sales, we manage every additional aspect of your printers as well, including: installation, maintenance, repairs, supplies, monitoring, and more!
  • No Cost Printer Program: Under the terms of our No Cost Printer Program, when you commit to buy cartridges from us exclusively, we will provide your business with a new/ refurbished printer! We install it. We service it. We maintain it. We save you money.

Best of all, you can end your relationship with us (not that you’ll want to), and there will still be no cost or hidden fees associated with the deal! Try getting that from big name chain stores.

So if you’re ready to save thousands of dollars on office supplies this season, don’t wait! Contact your local Cartridge World location today, and give your business budget the edge.