The Benefits of Buying from Local Businesses


Thursday April 6, 2017

Printer ink and toner may be one of those things bought easily and cheaply through online retailers. While this is the most convenient way to make a lot of purchases, doing so for ink or toner often lacks value and comes with risks. The same holds true for shopping big box retailers that carry so many different products that it’s difficult for staff to specialize on any one of them.

Purchasing products online and at big box stores often lacks adequate service. Without receiving knowledgeable help, you run the risk of purchasing the wrong product. Buying printer ink or toner can be confusing if you no longer have the owner’s manual for your printer, which lists the ink or toner you should buy. It can also be difficult if you don’t have the spent ink or toner cartridge anymore. And, even if you did have those things, did you know there may be less expensive options, such as third party cartridges? Should you end up buying the wrong cartridge, did you also know many online and brick and mortar retailers will not let you return it if the box has been opened?

Cartridge World specializes in printer ink and toner in more than 350 franchise locations in North America, making them local printing experts. Because these locally-owned shops concentrate solely on printing needs, you get reliable service which significantly reduces the risk of purchasing the wrong ink or toner. The staff is also available to answer any and all printing questions you have.

Since Cartridge World stores are locally-owned, you’re boosting the local economy when you buy from them. Some of the benefits of buying locally, according to the American Independent Business Alliance, include:

  • Community Building – Your interaction with other consumers and store employees build and strengthen local relationships
  • Bolstering the Local Economy – Each dollar spent locally returns nearly 50 times more money than a dollar spent at one of the big online retailers
  • Helping the Environment – Independently owned stores typically have a smaller footprint than big box stores
  • Boosting Wealth of Residents – Spending locally creates a multiplier effect that brings about a lasting impact on the prosperity of local organizations and residents
  • Charitable Spending – Small businesses outspend big businesses when it comes to donations to local non-profits, events and teams
  • Creating Character – Small businesses help shape the personality of communities
  • Strengthening Local Democracy – Local owners typically have roots in the community and participate in development decisions that affect the local economic environment
  • Bettering the Health of Residents – Studies show municipalities with a large portion of small businesses had lower rates of certain health problems

Local Experts
We are here to help with local, friendly advice. Our experienced and impartial staff will take the time to understand your printing needs and recommend the right printer and supplies for you. Find a Cartridge World store near you.