The Benefits Of Managed Print Services (MPS)


Monday April 30, 2018

Of course, the main benefit of engaging a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider is the immediate cost savings you’ll realize. A Gartner report found that Managed Print Services can provide savings of up to 30% almost immediately on your print-related expenses. An InfoTrend study found that in paper-intensive industries such as healthcare and legal, the savings are closer to 41%.

While reduced expenses are important, there are other benefits you’ll receive when you engage an MPS provider that you might not be aware of.

MPS Improves Staff Productivity

Many small-medium sized businesses don’t have the resources or manpower to devote to print management. The responsibility is often left up to an untrained staff member. When issues come up, they can often impact productivity and your team’s morale. An MPS provider removes this burden, freeing your team to focus on critical tasks like increasing billable hours. They provide regular preventative maintenance and fast repairs when needed, meaning improved print efficiencies and virtually eliminating downtime.

MPS Consolidates Your Spending

MPS allows you to take control of your spending on consumables like toner and paper. Individual ordering by various departments can cost you big in lost volume discounts. Consolidating buying provides cost savings and budget predictability. By tracking and monitoring individual device usage, you can better plan for future expenses and technology upgrades.

Improve your Company’s Sustainability

A lower carbon footprint is something we should all be thinking about and striving to achieve. Many newer devices are more energy efficient. Adding print protocols can help you save even more on paper, toner and energy! Recycling programs can reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

While long-term cost reductions are the most obvious benefit, outsourcing your print management to an MPS provider can increase productivity, deliver budget predictability and significantly improve your sustainable practices.

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