The Value of True Leadership

Thursday June 23, 2016

Since the dawn of civilization, men and women have been looking for great leaders. In war, in politics, in infrastructure, in families – people seek for the best human qualities in those around them, and elevate them as leaders, to follow them, and instill those very same qualities in themselves, their community, and the generations to come.

But when it comes to business, what is the value of true leadership? Why, in the United States, is it acceptable for the average CEO make more than 301 times the average salary of their employees? Where is modern leadership going in today’s modern age?

Come explore the answers with us as we explore what it takes to make a true leader:

A Position Based on Results:

Real leaders must have a number of intrinsic, positive qualities that inspire those around them and drive others to excel. This is known by many as the “best self” that leaders should always embody. But a leadership position also demands real, tangible results when measuring the impact a person has on the world around them. This theory, encompassed in a system of thought called Results Based Leadership (RBL), has been implemented in almost every type of industry, non-profit, and community improvement project in the U.S. for decades.

In one such case, according to the Strive Together Network, and the Annie E. Casey Foundation, RBL management styles improved important initiative goals by more than 20% across a broad spectrum. This type of cooperation and acceptance of responsibility for all outcomes ensures that a leader has what it takes to make the difficult decisions that lead to overall success.

Does Authenticity Count in True Leadership?

Authenticity is essential to true leadership. Managers, bosses, officers – those in positions of power should always strive to adopt flexible styles to fit the capabilities of their teammates, says Bill George, author of “Authentic Leadership,” and “True North.” Authentic leaders coach, mentor, and inspire others to work independently, and without excess supervision, through their most important tasks. Human-centered growth and personal life stories become paramount, and authentic experience develops into the cornerstone around which true success is built.

What Does a Modern Leader Look Like?

To people like Jim Murray, CEO of Optimal Solutions International, a 21st century leader will be a teacher (developing the right capabilities) and a student (having the capacity to always learn more). They will not focus on results, exclusively, but will focus on the things that will produce the results they want. Tomorrow’s leaders will create and share networks of knowledge, and invest in those the wish to inspire.

True leadership is invaluable in every business, and responsible authentic leadership is always what we drive toward right here at Cartridge World.