The Very First Pizza ATM

Wednesday August 17, 2016

College students everywhere, today is your lucky day. The very first pizza ATM is now a reality! What once started as a dream, will now make the late-night pizza dreams of hungry Cincinnati collegiates come true.

And Paline, LLC is the company that is making the magic happen.

Pizza ATMs have been all the rage in Europe for a little more than a decade. So, when the company brought the idea to the food and beverage coordinators at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH – who just happened to be short on a great pizza resource on campus - they jumped at the innovative idea.

How Does the Pizza ATM Work?

This $55,000 pizza-on-demand marvel holds up to 70 previously-made (by the classically-training dining hall staff) pizzas that will be hot and ready within 3 minutes of ordering. They are moved from a refrigerator into a convection oven, cooked at 475 degrees, placed in a cardboard box, and slid out through a slot in the machine itself. The pizza ATM itself will be located within a dormitory at Xavier, and payments will be made through student cards or credit cards.

Does the Demand among Students Justify the Price?

A medium pizza from the ATM will cost somewhere around $9-1$10, depending on the toppings students prefer. Conveniently located on campus, and available to the public until 8:00pm (after which the doors are locked and students will have sole access), administrators believe the pizza ATM will sell up to 300 pizzas per day. That means that the pizza ATM (on average) pays for its operating costs in just a little more than 2 weeks!

Endless Possibilities:

The pizza ATM, if it remains problem-free and keeps doling out its delicious cargo, opens up a new world of possibilities for “vending machine edibles.” No longer will patrons be relegated to unhealthy, sugar and sodium-filled candy, chips, and aging granola.

Now, students heading back to school can grab a real, hot, home-cooked meal while studying for exams or hanging out with friends. If and when the sales justify the costs of ownership, companies like Paline, LLC can improve upon the pizza-vending process and create even more innovations with piping-hot provisions to fuel the minds and hearts (and stomachs) of the American student body.

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