This Summer, Get Out and Garden

Monday August 1, 2016

There is nothing quite like your own garden. No matter how large or how small, no matter how many plants you put into the soil, there is always a real sense of accomplishment when you see tiny green bulbs shooting towards the sun and striving to bring new life to the planet.

From window boxes with a few basil plants, to giant gardens bursting with colorful, exotic flowers, all you really need to get things going is a little know-how and lots of care. Beginner, experienced, or award-winning master gardener, there is always a right kind of setup for each experience level.

Beginner: Like your floral charges, you are just now starting to grow. The seed of curiosity and determination has been planted and you want to see it through. At this level, start small to get a feel for the way of nature. Use clay pots, boxes, and indoor receptacles to grow 1-2 plants. Develop your watering schedule, and stick to it. Measure the rainfall with a rain gauge to avoid overwatering, and become familiar with the proper nutrition and conditions your plants will need, as well the tools you will need to get the job done. Not only will you reap the rewards of whatever you grow, but you’ll also feel very successful with this small but important personal win.

Intermediate/Experienced: It’s time to move outside. Experts recommend building larger garden boxes on the ground and out of cedar to hold several vegetable stalks. Cedar is weather and rot resistant, so it makes for the perfect material. Grow your plants up, not out and be sure to protect them from hungry herbivores (like rabbits) with proper fencing. Also, be sure you have the right fertilizer mixed in with the soil. Shellfish fertilizer has incredibly rich nutrients that plants need to grow tall and strong.

Expert: You’ve won flower show regionals 5 years running. Your yard rivals Eden, and you don’t care who knows it. You have the experience to bend the elements to your will, but you know there are still things you can do. Edging your garden beds is a must. Keep your irrigation system on an almost constant slow drip. Check the PH levels of your soil to ensure the top conditions. You can even start to experiment with cross-pollination for unheard of organisms.

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