Three Ideas for Making DIY Mother’s Day Cards


Wednesday May 10, 2017

You could spend hours looking for just the right card to give your mom on Mother’s Day without finding it. No one knows her better than you, and moms typically cherish homemade gifts, so why not make a Mother’s Day card for her?

Here are three ideas for DIY cards followed by tips for making a Mother’s Day card she’ll cherish:

  1. A Favorite Photo Card – Mother’s Day is her day, so pick your favorite photo of mom to place on the front of the card. Use different colored paper and shapes to make the front of the card pop.
  2. Spell It Out – Take pictures of Mom’s children each holding a one word sign and arrange the photos on the card to spell out a Mother’s Day wish. This works particularly well for Grandma, too, if you involve her kids and grandkids. Place a photo of her child and two of her grandkids each holding a one word sign to spell out “Happy Mom’s Day!”
  3. Generations of Moms – Gather a photo of your mom, grandmother, great-grandmother and one of yourself to create one or two cards celebrating the moms in your family through the generations. For an accordion-style, you can place a photo of each fold and write that woman’s name under each photo. For a traditional card, you can place all the photos on the front.

To get you started on creating the perfect card for mom, here are some tips to consider:

  • Make Sure You Can Print Photos – Most modern printers will print high-quality photos on photo paper. But make sure your printer has that option. If it does, read the instruction manual for proper photo paper loading. If your printer cannot print on photo paper, you’ll have to use regular paper. As long as the image you’re printing isn’t too big and is high resolution, it should come out relatively sharp.
  • Choose Your Words with Love – What is written on the inside of the card is just as important as what’s on the outside. If you need inspiration or want to use a quote from a famous historical or cultural figure, check out the Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations app. Quotes specifically about moms are easy to come by on the Internet, including this recent list compiled by Parade.
  • Consider How You Say It – There’s psychology behind each font, so choose the one that complements your message. For example, serif fonts are thought to be traditional and formal, while script fonts portray elegance and style. Of course, no one knows your handwriting better than your mom, so consider a heartfelt handwritten note on the inside of the card.
  • Select the Appropriate Paper or Card Stock – Selecting the right kind of paper will help convey what you want to say. Will your card look better with a smooth or matte finish? Should the paper be coated or uncoated? Linen paper is often used for a classic, elegant look. Felt finish papers provide a velvety smooth touch and are used for greeting cards, wedding invitations and postcards. But, make sure your printer can handle the paper you want to use.

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