TOP 3 Printer Service Issues and How to Avoid Them

Monday July 23, 2018 

Who responds to the flashing light on your printer?

In most offices, it’s an overqualified IT person that should be working on mission critical projects like cybersecurity, improving system performance or responding to higher level user needs.

Did you know?

27% of all IT Help desk calls are printer related.

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Common Problems

When we asked small businesses for their TOP 3 printer service relate issues, here’s what they said caused their people the most grief.

  1. Paper Jamming – the printer fails to pull paper from the paper tray or is collecting multiple sheets of paper at one time. Very frustrating!
  2. Print Quality Issues – the prints are faded; the toner is unevenly spread across the page or there’s a great BIG line down the side of the page. You probably toss these pages in the garbage as well because you wouldn’t want to serve them to a customer.
  3. Printer Connectivity – you’re trying to print from your desktop of your mobile device and the printer simply doesn’t recognize you – or you can’t see it from your end.

No printer is perfect. But there are ways to remove the burden of printer service from your office.

Printer Service Opportunities 

  • Watch Our Self-Help Printer Service Videos – we’ve just released some new videos that will walk you step by step through common challenges and easy ways you can prevent or respond to printer issues yourself.
  • Do a Printer Health Check – your local Cartridge World offers a complimentary service that will quickly inspect common fault areas and let you know the health status of your printers. As they say, an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure.
  • Simply Buy our Toner from Us– Simply commit to buying our Premium Quality Toner and we’ll provide you with the right printers and on-site printer service at no additional charge.

You do have options. Next time your printer light starts flashing, hopefully you have some new ideas to consider rather than distracting a high value person in your office.

Who’s managing your print?

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