Top 4 FAQ’s about Home Printing


Friday June 29, 2018 

By: Steve Tirrell – Cartridge World Franchise Partner

Whether you’re printing in an office or at home, printer problems can be frustrating. With the right provider, however, you’ll be able to get your questions and concerns answered almost as soon as they arise.

For years, I have prided myself on being the go-to provider for custom solutions on all things print-related in the Canton, Ohio area. But after so many years in the business, you see some of the same questions come up. Here are the top four frequently asked questions I get from home printers and how you can troubleshoot them from home:

Why are my prints coming out streaky?

If you’ve been getting vertical lines or streaks in your printing, there are a few simple solutions. For inkjet and laser printers, one of the most common issues causing streaky prints is a dirty print head. If this is the case, all you’ll need to do is carefully remove the print head and run a fiber cloth along the print head.Any dirt or debris should clear up pretty easily.

Thin, defined lines could also mean you have scratches on your print drum, which usually means you’ll need to replace the drum unit or toner cartridge. Or, if blank or white lines are showing up, it means something is preventing your toner from getting to the paper. This could be from debris on your cartridge, low toner or extra packaging material you may have forgotten to remove – so check your cartridge for any of these possibilities.

Should I be worried if I get a warning about using a different toner cartridge?

If you get a warning about using a third-party cartridge, this is definitely not cause for concern. Some people worry their printer will not run as well or that this will nullify their warranty with the manufacturer. Neither of these will occur– your printer will work just as well, and your warranty will remain intact. Simply press “Ok” when the warning comes up, and you’ll be fine to print as you normally would.

How do I prevent paper jams?

Another common question I get is how to fix and prevent paper jams. Make sure you’re only using one type of paper instead of mixing two or more brands or paper types in the same tray. This may seem like a minor detail, but it can make a huge difference in efficiently feeding the paper to the printer.

If you have a paper jam warning, but there doesn’t seem to be a paper jam, simply remove the paper tray. Even if it’s not another piece of paper, there’s something blocking the paper from getting to the printer. Run your hand along the bottom of your printer, and make sure there’s no debris that could be causing the blockage. Then, put your paper tray back in place and the warning should go away.

Why won’t my printer connect to the Wi-Fi?

Connectivity problems are pretty easy to fix, and it usually comes down to your computer and printer not communicating. Restart both your printer and computer, and update your drivers. Sometimes, it helps to re-calibrate your settings, so you may want to delete your printer from your laptop and add it back again. If neither of these solutions seem to do the trick, the problem likely has to do with your router – especially if you Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). Simply press the WPS button on your router, and this should remedy your issue.

If you’re having issues with your printer, and don’t feel like troubleshooting, feel free to bring it into your local Cartridge World. We’re for any and all printer questions you may have, and we’re happy to take a look to see what the issue is.

Our friendly professionals are here to help you find quick and easy solutions for all your printing needs. Find a local Cartridge World near you.