Top 5 Frequently Asked Office Printing Questions


Thursday March 8, 2018


By: Steve Gornall, of Cartridge World Johns Creek, GA

About 90 percent of my customers make businesses-related purchases. Some may just need a few supplies while others want the full range of managed print services we offer. Over the past 12 years with Cartridge World, these are the top questions customers frequently raise when they’re looking for office printing solutions:

  1. Quality

Many customers’ first concern is quality—and rightfully so. They wonder if non-printer brand cartridges will affect their current printers and want to be sure they will perform well. Quality is also our top concern. We have a quality guarantee that ensures our cartridges will meet your business printing needs. Most cannot tell the difference between OEM toner and Cartridge World toner. We’re committed to bringing top quality to your office with our business solutions.

  1. Cost

Printing costs typically rank in the top four business expenses, along with rent and utilities. My customers are concerned about cost. By utilizing our Cartridge World premium printer cartridges, or managed print services we can save offices up to 30 percent. Swapping these out for OEM options can reduce costs without reducing quality.

  1. Ongoing Support

Many businesses order from online retailers. While this can be convenient for carrying out the purchase, they usually do not offer ongoing support. Twenty-seven percent of IT help desk calls are printer related. So, support is crucial to customers. With our comprehensive business solutions, we can offer services beyond products. Our continuous support ensures that your printer needs are met, your business improves office efficiency and controls print related expense

This can also take the stress off of your internal IT department and free up employees for other tasks. Our support can relieve stress and save time. We’re committed to providing top-notch service and that will always keep you printing.

  1. Ease of Doing Business

Automated toner delivery offers a very convenient option for business, and our ongoing support makes the whole process very simple for business owners. We are able to automate inventory management for your printer cartridge supply. Your office printing equipment notifies us when you are low on either ink or toner. As a result, you get a replenished stock of printer supplies before you run out, ensuring your business operations can keep running smoothly.

  1. Recycling

Many customers are environmentally conscious and want to know about recycling programs for current products and ones they will purchase in future. We recycle all cartridges, even those not from Cartridge World. We are happy to pick up and properly dispose of any customer cartridges.*

Our comprehensive solutions allow us to provide these services at a lower cost to our customers. Ongoing support and repairs limit lost time and office hassle.

If you have more questions or are considering comprehensive solutions, check out our Why Buy a Printer Program and full Business Solutions. We’re happy to work with you to create an effective plan for your business to put a solution in place for all of your printing needs.

*Recycling services may vary, per location. Find your local Cartridge World recycling services here.