The Top New Year's Resolutions

Monday January 4, 2016

With every new year comes new year's resolutions, and if you need help coming up with ideas, you're in luck! According to an article on, Google compiled the top 10 searched "how-to" questions that spiked the most in the U.S. after New Year's Day. Though the results are funny, they relate to healthy eating, new hobbies and new career choices.

Here's the list of the most googled new year's resolutions:

1. How to get rid of stress

2. How to make kale chips

3. How much water should I drink to lose weight

4. How to write a resignation letter

5. How to cook lentils

6. How to cook cabbage

7. How to write a letter of recommendation

8. How to cook collard greens

9. How to steam broccoli

10. How to crochet a beanie

And our write-in candidate...

11. How to prove to your boss, husband, wife or kids that you're a genius. (That's go to Cartridge World for all your printing needs!)