The Truth Behind Your Office Printing Costs


Tuesday March 20, 2018

Printing can be one of the biggest office hassles. It always seems there’s a paper jam right before a meeting or you’re out of toner when you need to print an important document. Printing needs like maintenance and replenishing supplies are often overlooked and can lead to downtime at the office.

Nearly 80 percent of businesses don’t feel their needs are being met by their current office printing. The time and money spent managing office printers can really add up when it doesn’t have to. Printing costs usually top the expense list just behind payroll and rent for medium-sized businesses.

The results of the Cartridge World Office Print Challenge are in, and the truth is that most businesses are overspending. Here are a few ways you can save time and money on your business printing expenses.

Track Printing Costs

It’s important to understand current office habits to facilitate change. About 51 percent of businesses don’t track or control printing costs, this includes equipment, supplies, repairs and energy—printers can rack up $225 per year in energy costs alone. Paying for these costs blindly can affect the business’s bottom line.

Track these expenditures on a regular basis to understand the largest areas of overspending, and use the data to discover ways to reduce and rethink business costs.

Track Downtime

Printing hassles can add cost to expenses but also slow down office productivity. If there is in an in-house employee constantly dealing with warning lights and paper jams, he may get behind on other work. When problems occur, 43 percent of businesses do not repair printers quickly. This can hold up queues and waste time.

How Cartridge World Can Help

Cartridge World specializes in helping small-to-medium size businesses with expert advice, printing products and services that improve more than just your bottom line. We help you eliminate office printing distractions and avoidable expenses to help you grow.

Now is the time to rethink your office print strategy. Contact your local Cartridge World to learn more about how our exclusive business class printing solutions can benefit your business.

Take the Office Print Challenge today and see how your office compares.