What Could I Have Bought if I Had Saved 30% on Ink and Toner at Cartridge World?


Thursday May 31, 2018 


Small savings quickly add up for businesses of all sizes – whether you’re a one-person home office or a small to medium business. So, while 30 percent savings on ink and toner is a significant amount in the short term, it becomes even more impactful when you look at these savings over time.

If you’re saving up to 30 percent on ink and toner by buying from Cartridge World for your home office, that amounts to $140 annually. With these savings, you can treat yourself to domestic air fare, dinner with friends or a new outfit.

For medium-size businesses employing 50 to 250 people, your 30 percent savings could mean anywhere from $7,000 to $35,000 back in your pocket. If you’re inclined to re-invest that money back into your business, you could buy 100 to 500 inkjet printers or an office renovation. You could also go the more fun route and buy yourself a trip around the world, a jet ski or a new car.

By buying Cartridge World’s premium ink and toner, you can still have high-quality prints – along with hundreds or thousands of dollars back in your pocket. The simple change from buying printer branded cartridges to Cartridge World can make a huge difference in your business’ budget, while also freeing up some cash for you to spend on yourself.