What Keeps You Printing at Home?

Friday March 3, 2017

Many Americans still prefer their information in paper form despite advances in technology to supply us with it digitally. Whether at home or at work, we continue to print documents because the tactile sensation of holding information on paper in our hands makes it easier to absorb. It also provides us with a greater sense of security in many cases, too.

What are we printing? According to a Cartridge World’s survey, what we print at home is very different than what we print at work. Below are the results from 304 people who have taken the survey as of March 1.

What We Print at Home

Here’s a breakdown of the 285 people who say they print at home:

  • Coupons – 62 percent
    • Coupon use across generations and income levels is high. Overall, Americans prefer using paper coupons more than digital coupons. According to Valassis, one of the largest coupon distributors in the world, 116.3 million consumers use print coupons and 68.4 million use digital coupons. Many consumers are printing their digital coupons, though. They have discovered that printable coupons often offer deeper discounts than paper coupons found newspapers.
  • Recipes – 57 percent
  • Photographs – 46 percent
    • There’s a certain pleasure involved holding an actual photograph that doesn’t exist looking at digital images on a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop. Printing a photograph allows a person to frame it and hang it on a wall. Homeowners can always look at it whenever they enter the room. However, most pictures posted to social media are often forgotten as they get pushed down to the bottom of the feed or saved in a digital folder.
  • Travel documents – 44 percent

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