What Keeps You Printing at School? [Infographic]

Tuesday July 23, 2019

As more schools implement digital lesson plans, online textbooks and electronic copies of tests and essays, some educators believe printing hard copies is a thing of the past.

On the contrary, most schools still spend a good amount of resources on printing. Whether they opt for print copies to circumvent cheating on online exams, or to enhance comprehension on worksheets, the majority of schools still use more printed than digital materials. In fact, printed materials still account for nearly 70 percent of pre-K- 12 instructional materials in the United States.

And while print materials can be more cost-effective than online books and other digital resources, schools still find themselves with a significant amount of waste from their bad printing habits. According to one study, the amount of discarded paper by a single school in one year amounted to 28 pounds of paper for each student, teacher and staff member.

While printing still has a valuable purpose in education, there are many ways you can cut down on your paper and printing waste – saving money, time and the planet. Here are three ways to make your school printing more efficient:

1.Encourage Students to Email Some of Their Work

By encouraging students to email certain assignments instead of printing them, teachers can drastically reduce the number of unnecessary papers printed each month. Digital copies also help teachers stay organized, since they don’t have to keep track of different stacks of papers each day.

2.Control Printing Access

When students have free, unmonitored access to printing, discarded paper and wasteful printing practices can skyrocket. By implementing a controlled access or managed print program, schools can reduce the number of pages printed by students by more than 50 percent.

3.Print Multiple Pages Per Sheet of Paper

Printing double-sided or multiple pages per sheet of paper can significantly decrease the amount of paper you use. This is especially important if you’re printing out PowerPoint slides or other materials that don’t require a lot of space. You’ll have to adjust your printer settings to print multiple slides per page, but this will make note-taking on presentations much easier, while also cutting down on paper usage.