What Printer is Right for You This School Year?


Thursday August 29, 2019

Whether you’re a parent with kids going into high school or a college student, you’re probably wondering which type of printer is best for you this school year – from price to functionality. Here are some questions to ask yourself when finding which printer you should buy:


What is my budget?

The first thing that will catch your attention when buying a printer is its initial cost. You want the best value, while still having a printer that works efficiently and will not need to be replaced frequently. Laser printers are generally more expensive initially than inkjet printers but are less costly to operate, and both printers have different uses and advantages. So, before you say yes or no to a printer based on price, make sure you factor in all your printing needs and the total cost of ownership when making a final purchasing decision.

Will I be printing in color?

Inkjet printers are worth the investment if you or your child will be printing in color often; or if there are projects involving photography or other visual elements, an inkjet may be the way to go. They offer more color representation and are much easier to print photos than color laser printers.

How much printing will I be doing?

In addition to the functionality of the printer, the amount of printing you will be doing will also influence how much printing costs. Although laser printers – particularly color laser printers – may seem like they are needlessly more expensive than inkjet printers, they have much lower operating costs. Laser printers cost about 2-8 cents per page, whereas inkjet printers cost about 14 cents per page.

Does the printer come with after-sale support?

If after-sale support is included with your printer, be sure to factor this in to the initial cost. If your printer is slightly more expensive than others you’ve seen, but comes with support, it’s worth the price. This will save you a lot of time and money later on if you need repairs, since the provider will already be familiar with your printer and able to fix the problem faster and cheaper.