When It Comes to Customers, Experience is Everything

Thursday September 29, 2016

When you’re in need of printing supplies, you head out to the big box stores, right? Sure! We all do. They’re close by, convenient, and they generally have what we’re looking for.

But for most of us, something happens just minutes after we walk through the door, doesn’t it? It’s that feeling of mild confusion that could turn into frustration and panic at any time.

The place is so big. We don’t know where anything is. We don’t really know what KIND of thing we’re really looking for – “you know, the blue one from HP” – and we end up asking for help.

Maybe we get someone with the right kind of experience. Often, we get “Kenneth,” the part-time college student who can point us in the general direction of the aisle where our item may or may not be located.

Kenneth’s not a bad guy, but he’s typically not the expert you need when you’re looking for top printing supplies at a price you can afford.

Here’s a better idea: come to Cartridge World!

Here, you get your own personal printing supply expert who can answer all of your questions, provide the exact items you need, and save you more time and money in the process, guaranteed! 

How do we know? Cartridge World has been in the business for more than 20 years. We have an international network of over 1500 stores worldwide, and a VAST network of resources from the top suppliers in the industry for us to study up on.

Where Cartridge World Can Help:

  • Printers: As independent printing supply experts, Cartridge World works with almost all of the major printer manufacturers – Canon, LexMark, HP, Samsung, and others – to offer you advice on the best machine for YOUR unique needs. We’re able to stay totally unbiased so that you get the best printer at the best price, every time.
  • Cartridges: Cartridge World saves our customers 20-30% more on cartridge costs every year. How do we do it? By providing the largest selection of tested, guaranteed-high-quality refurbished ink and toner cartridges available. Our recycled products work BETTER than high-priced standard cartridges you get from office supply chains, and are designed to save you more paper (green and white) in the long run.
  • Point of Contact: When you work with your local Cartridge World franchise, you get ONE point of expert contact who remembers you, knows your specific models and situation, and can give you what you need before you know you need it! We take a personalized approach to our customer service, and are backed by continuous education programs, corporate training on the most modern equipment, and financial resources that are second-to-none.

If you’re ready to take your customer experience to the next level, visit your local Cartridge World location and get the guidance of a true printing supply expert!