Why Is My Printer Slow?


Monday January 22, 2018 

You’re running out the door and need to print a quick concert ticket or last minute updated resume, but your printer is making you late. Does this situation feel familiar? There are many reasons your printer may not be performing at its peak.

Before resorting to professional help or repairs consider the following common printer issues and possible troubleshooting methods.

1. Wireless Connection

Wireless printing provides convenience, especially if you’re switching between devices or are on the go. However, many find this process to be slower than a traditional Ethernet connection. Your network could be slowing down your printing.

Move closer to the router or printer if possible. If network speed is slowed due to bandwidth issues, there is little you can do to speed this up. If you’re experiencing slowness with a personal network, a reset may be necessary. The best way to speed up due to network connectivity issues is to connect via Ethernet.

2. High Resolution Images

Printing pages that are high resolution presentations or photos can slow down the printing process. A printer needs more time to properly print the large number of pixels and perhaps varying colors.

For nonessential pages, consider printing without photos. Sites like Print Friendly can reduce ad banners when printing internet pages and speed up the process. If you’re often printing photos or high resolution pages, research the printer best equipped for these jobs.

3. Inkjet vs Laser

Evaluate the functionality of your printer if your pages take too long to print. Inkjet and laser printers are equipped for different jobs. Inkjets perform well printing photos and color pages, whereas laser printers are often faster and are best for text pages. Determine if your needs are being met by your printer; if not, it may be time for an upgrade.

4. Old printer

Outdated hardware and software can slow down the printing process. If you are experiencing slow printing, malfunctions or low performance it may be time to replace your printer.

You update your phone or tablet to keep up, why should your printer be any different? As years pass printer technology continues to advance. Holding onto an old printer can decrease your possible print volume and slow down your workflow.

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