Why Your Business Needs A Print Policy


Tuesday July 25, 2017

Less than 10% of US companies have a formal print policy to control how much is printed and spent on hardcopy output. Does your office have a print policy? Without one, it’s virtually impossible to prevent avoidable waste and expense.

That’s why we offer a FREE PRINT ASSESSMENT to our potential customers.

“Less than 10% of US companies have a print policy to control print volumes and costs.”

To amplify the need from a financial perspective, here are the top 4 operating expenses incurred by most organizations:

  1. Labor  
  2. Rent
  3. Utilities
  4. Office Printing

If you look at a variable operating expense like utilities for example, chances are the people in your office will instinctively power down their monitors and shut the lights off at the end of work every day.  It’s simply understood. But what about people’s printing behaviors? Do they print in color when black and white will do? Do they print to the most expensive printer just because it’s closer to their desk? You get the point.

Most offices tend to print more than they need to; fifteen percent more to be exact. So, the opportunity to print smarter and print greener can be achieved quickly and easily with an effective print policy.

What is a “print policy”?

A print policy is a set of understood guidelines or rules followed by all office workers. Some print policies are loosely managed and others include specific directives on what a person can print, how much they can print and on what print device. In some cases, print management software removes the user’s discretion with predetermined controls by user or by print job profile.


You need to consider a print policy if…

Ask yourself the following questions. If your answer is NO or you aren’t sure, chances are you’re a prime candidate for an office print policy.

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