Worry Free Printing Starts Here 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Whether big or small, your business can save time and money with CW Print Manager™ from Cartridge World.

Earlier this year, Cartridge World unveiled a new business productivity device to help manage your office printing. It’s called CW Print Manager, and it’s a free service from Cartridge World.

This clever piece of software acts like your personal printer guardian. When installed, it monitors your printers’ output 24/7. It checks for maintenance updates, service issues, warn-out parts, and identifies whenever you need to replace ink and toner cartridges.

It will monitor two to 200 machines. And, without you lifting a finger, it will alert us whenever you have a printing problem. Talk about peace of mind.

CW Print Manager will eliminate answering the phone about malfunctioning printers. As soon as we get a service alert, we’ll call you and diagnose the problem or ask if you need a technician to stop by.

It eliminates running out of toner in the middle of an important printing project. As soon as we get an alert, we’ll call to confirm a next-day delivery to your office. We can drop off paper and pick up recycled cartridges, too.

It eliminates emergency runs to the office supply store for high-priced cartridges. We can set up your business for special pricing for an entire year. Plus, the technology is safe, secure and worry-free. It’ is used by hundreds of businesses around the globe.

CW Print Manager is just one more advantage working with your local Cartridge World location. For more information, call your local printing expert or find the nearest location at www.CartridgeWorld.com.