Your Time To Manage

Monday, March 30th, 2015

It Starts With YouDriving to work, picking up the kids, running errands, a business afterhours meeting, and hundreds of other activities make up our days and weeks. For many of us – the 24 hours in a day is just a running clock.

Often times, we do ourselves a disservice through our time management. Make yourself the ultimate customer by utilizing the proper time management solutions to get things done.

Finishing a task faster, doing it yourself to save time and money, or employing a local expert to give you advice all help you to maintain a balance between your work and home life.

Most people are not born with great time management skills - they acquire them. Your local Cartridge World store has a team of office printing experts. They can help you save time (no more running around for printing supplies), save money (up to a 30 percent savings verses office superstores), and print great (time saving tips and efficient printers), guaranteed.

The following, are some time management skills that can help you be more productive at home.

  • Avoid procrastination as this is one of the biggest daily time drains and stress contributors. Delaying a job, action or conversation only prolongs the issue, or takes it from an annoyance to a critical issue because of delay.
  • Write things down, because trying and remember too many details in a certain order progresses into information overload. Making a to-do list and prioritizing it helps you focus, achieve a sense of accomplishment, and keep you on a schedule. This allows you to do the things that are important or enjoyable to you.
  • Plan your time. At first, try doing this for one day. If you are able to maintain your daily schedule – gradually expand it. Unplanned things will come up, but by having a schedule you can see where you can squeeze something in – rather than have it unravel your entire day.
  • Learn to say no. Many people quickly get overloaded with too much work, or responsibilities because they overcommit. Don’t accept more than you can handle just to please someone. Instead, concentrate on your projects and tasks first, then (if there’s time), you can assist. Express to others that, while you are willing to help (occasionally), they need to try and complete their work without relying on you.
  • It’s a good idea to regularly review how you are spending your time on a weekly basis. You may be surprised at the amount of low-priority tasks and” time drainers” you preform.
  • Perfection is not your friend. Some tasks don’t require endless refinement or a huge effort. Distinguish between tasks requiring detail, and tasks that just need to be done.

Employing these tips will help you see improvement in organization, prioritizing and accomplishment. Making yourself the “ultimate customer” will likely decrease your stress because you will be able to effectively manage your time instead of it managing you.